When was the last time you visited a business and immediately knew it had negative online ratings? Was it the dingy walls, stained carpets, dirty smell, or filthy restrooms that you noticed first? A lot of businesses lose sight of an aging facility, but it’s one of the first things a customer will notice upon walking in the door.  

Customers these days are less likely to tell you how they feel about your business to your face. Instead, you can find plenty of online reviews, social media rants, and online outrage. Here are a few of the most common customer complaints they probably won’t tell you about your business.

1. It’s Dirty

How often have you gone into a business’s public restroom only to have no toilet paper, soap, or paper towels? Or have you ever stepped into a business and immediately smelled a foul odor or caught a glimpse of stained chairs and carpets?  
Due to countless viral videos we’ve seen of poor restaurant conditions, we think it’s safe to say that if your customers think your space is not up to standards, they will talk about it on social media. Go ahead and save yourself the public humiliation, and prepare your space as if it will always be critiqued. Because chances are, it will!

2. Your Website Is Terrible

A company’s website is basically a digital brochure that showcases talent, services, products, and information. In today’s highly digital environment, there is no excuse to have a slow, poorly functioning website.

Here’s the thing about poorly functioning websites, you’ll never know they’re poorly functioning via a review or strongly-worded email. Instead, you just won’t receive business. People will find your website difficult to navigate and will immediately jump ship, and find a website that is user friendly.

Don’t miss out on customers because of a poorly designed website. Hire a marketing agency to build one for you. 

3. You Have Rude Employees

Everyone has had an experience with a rude employee one time or another. And typically it is a noteworthy event and one that normally ends up on the front page of a business’s reviews.

Rude and incompetent employees are detrimental to your business, and can cost you loyal customers as well as prospective customers.

Customer Complaints Are Important

Hearing these common customer complaints can be really difficult, especially when you have a committed and hardworking team. However, complaints are an important tool to help businesses grow.  

Customers who share feedback with you are helpful to your process of making your business the best it can be. 

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