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We Move You Forward


We Move Forward Opportunities

We Help You Thrive

We are committed to fostering community development, creating economic opportunities for individuals and businesses and promoting stable, vibrant communities. We create, preserve and finance affordable housing and assist first-time home buyers by providing education, counseling and financial assistance. ​

We provide creative capital solutions for individuals and businesses that may not have access to services offered by traditional financial institutions. By supporting locally-owned businesses and promoting the development of new ventures we help revitalize communities. ​

We work to stabilize neighborhoods, strive to prevent and end homelessness and create strong neighborhoods.


We are Metro Community Development.

A loving mother and her son face each other and smile at Metro Community Development.
We moved to an all-new facility.

So we can better serve you.

1174 Robert T. Longway Blvd.

Flint, Michigan 48503

How Can We Help You

Personal Lending

At Metro Community Development, we work directly with consumers to help with personal lending options, and help move forward opportunities.

Business Lending

BizBOX brings your new business venture to life through a program funded by Metro Community Development. Together, we will work side-by-side to turn your vision into a thriving, successful business.

Housing & Homeownership

We work to increase access to safe and affordable housing through the creation of new housing options, whether new construction or the rehabilitation of existing structures.

Community Development Programs

The emphasis of our work in community building is on re-building the very fabric of community life. We believe that communities are much more than brick and mortar, they are living, vibrant neighborhoods made up of the people that live in them.

Financial Coaching

Let Metro Community Development move you forward in the “Money Game” and reach your goals with money management, homebuyer education courses and individual financial coaching.

Home Improvement Grants

The Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP) is a program through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis that provides up to $7,500 to qualifying households for eligible repairs.

The Many Faces of You

Meet the people that Metro Community Development has helped achieve their dreams, homes, businesses, and make their lives better. Meet the many faces of you.

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