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Community Development

The emphasis of our work in community building is on re-building the very fabric of community life. We believe that communities are much more than brick and mortar, they are living, vibrant neighborhoods made up of the people that live in them.

Metro Community Development’s Development Department exists to create positive change moving forward for communities by partnering with local agencies, businesses, families and residents. We view collaboration as a catalyst and tool for the creation of stable and vibrant neighborhoods and communities. Our goals include:

  • Actively advocating for the concerns and constituents of our community

  • Partnering with organizations to assess, plan and implement strategies for community development

  • Revitalizing and strengthening our neighborhoods with focused, targeted resources.

Continuum of Care

Residents of Flint/Genesee County will have the knowledge, skills and resources to access and maintain permanent housing.

Community Collaborative

We collaborate across networks and systems to develop, create and share resources to support and preserve strong healthy families who live in vibrant communities in Genesee County.