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Big resources for

new small business.

BizBOX® brings your new venture to life through a small business educational program funded by Metro Community Development. Together, we will work side-by-side to turn your vision into a thriving, successful business. 

The BizBOX® program is a 360-degree small business educational program that offers a combination of funding, and the needed technical assistance to prepare you to both start your business and keep it afloat. We work directly with new entrepreneurs and businesses within two years of opening each step of the way to make sure you have the know-how and understanding that it takes to become a successful business owner right here in Michigan.

Let's get started
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What are BizBOX® Businesses?


  • Fast food
  • Fast casual
  • Casual dining
  • Premium casual
  • Family style


  • Boutiques
  • Shops
  • Salons
  • Barbers
  • Small Grocers

Service Providers

  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Web Development
  • Finance


  • Textiles, Leather, and Apparel
  • Wood, Paper, and Printing
  • Petroleum, Coal, Chemicals, Plastics
  • Computer and Electronics
  • Transportation

BizBOX® Basics

A 360-Degree Small Business Start-up Program

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BizBOX® Main Office

1174 Robert T. Longway Blvd.
Flint, Michigan 48503
Phone  (810) 767-4622
Fax  (810) 767-4664

Metro Community Development and Newtek Business Services Corp. have partnered together to offer business service solutions to help your business grow. Select from our menu below for more information or to contact a Business Specialist.


Nationwide commercial and personal lines of insurance.

Merchant Processing

Merchant Account & Gateway and Secure Host & Cart

Web Design

Customized services for a powerful web presence.

Managed Technology

A scalable cloud platform with 24/7/365 U.S. based support and 99.999% uptime.


Merchant Account & Gateway and Secure Host & Cart

Payroll & Benefits

Comprehensive Payroll, Record-Keeping, & Tax Filing

Our Community Impact

Small Business Lending

Slice of Flint Pizza

State Small Business Credit Initiative

Feast Gourmet Kitchen Shop

State Small Business Credit Initiative

Hoffman's Deco Deli & Cafe