Brand Culture

Brand culture describes the culture that a company cultivates to bring its brand alive for its customers. Brand culture can be defined as the values, experience, and interaction the brand shares with the customer, employees, and other shareholders of the business.  

It is a unique blend of ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that influence brand experience and shape the brand as a whole. Basically, brand culture is the way your team members interact with the company and each other daily. Having good company culture is a surefire way to have a successful brand. But how do you do it? Keep reading!

Why Does Brand Culture Matter?

Believe it or not, the culture and brand of a company reflect each other. While your brand can be seen as the exterior product of your company, the culture is where your brand is born. Any knowledgeable business professional would agree that an enjoyable work atmosphere yields happier employees and thus, satisfactory work.

What Makes Good Brand Culture?

When you make brand culture a priority, you’ll have guiding principles. People will know your company by these principles, and your employees will live by them. These principles will help you decide on new hires and also potential fires. It’ll help you weed out those who don’t mesh as well with your brand and help current employees to get on the same page.  

Let’s talk about some elements that make your brand culture amazing.

1. Having Employees That Understand Your Brand’s Mission

A common question you ask potential hires during interviews is…”Why do you want to work here?”  

The purpose of this question is to investigate how much potential hires know about your company. You want to see if they’ve done their research and have made sound judgments that they’d be a good fit within your company. Chances are if your brand culture is a permeating force within your company, potential hires and new hires alike will be on board with getting acquainted with your brand’s mission.  

2. Hiring People Who Fit Your Brand

Most employers know this, but who you hire is a direct representation of your company, even outside of normal working hours. Think about it, when you meet someone and they tell you where they work, your perception of that place will be changed depending on the demeanor of the person. If they’re nice and friendly, you’ll likely view the company in a positive manner. However, if they’re rude and indirect, you may feel negative feelings about their workplace.  

You want all of your employees’ outside-of-work experiences to be positive and make people gravitate towards your business rather than head for the hills. This is one of the main reasons why having an established brand culture is so important. And why it’s even more important to hire friendly faces who will make your brand stand out in big ways.  

3. Understanding You’re a Team

If you want your brand to be successful, you have to understand that you and your employees are not individuals, but a team––all working together for the common goal of your company. When your employees see themselves as individuals, they’ll less likely to engage in shared workplace activities and projects, and more likely to have forced interactions within the company.  

However, when your employees see themselves as teammates, all work-related projects can be accomplished with the same common goal. It’s no longer about them receiving credit for all of the work. They’re willing to accomplish everything together. All knit together, with one common goal: the success of your company.  

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