At Metro Community Development, we care deeply for our community and clients. Below are some general shopping tips to aid you through the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Organize your shopping list before you go in: Order the items on your list so that you are following the order of the aisles to reduce time in the store.
  • Wipe down the shopping cart or wear gloves: Many stores have sanitizing wipes available, but another option is to wear a pair of latex gloves.
  • Leave the Family at home: Makes social distancing easier, and reduces possible, unnecessary exposure to the virus.
  • Maintain your 6-foot bubble: Maintain a 6-foot distance from other shoppers, while in aisle, and at the checkouts.
  • Keep your hands clean while shopping: Use hand-sanitizer when possible and avoid touching your face.
  • Grab items from back of the shelf: Items in the back likely haven’t been handled as much, so there’s less chance of exposure.

Shopping Tips in a Pandemic - Meat & ProteinMeat & Protein

  • Whole chickens are much less expensive than precut chickens and can provide multiple meals.
  • Canned meats and fish are shelf-stable, affordable options for recipes.
  • Non-traditional proteins like canned or dry beans/peas.
  • Eggs and cheese are great sources of protein that have an extended refrigeration time and lower prices.

Bread & Grains

  • Store bread in the freezer to maintain freshness.
  • Combine pasta with vegetables and protein for budget-friendly and filling meals.

  • Be creative with oatmeal and baking supplies you may already have on hand.

Shopping Tips in a Pandemic - Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Frozen fruits and vegetables are flash-frozen, cheaper, and can be used the same as fresh.
  • Fruits canned in their own juice are another great shelf-stable option.
  • Onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, apples, & oranges are good options for longer shelf life.

Dairy & Cheese

  • Buy yogurt in bulk and serve in a bowl to cut down on costs.
  • Freeze milk to extend life.
  • Use dry milk in any recipe calling for milk.