How do you start your mornings?

Does your current morning routine consist of waking up just minutes before you’re supposed to be out the door, and throwing on whatever isn’t dirty? Some days you’re consumed in the perfect morning ritual––cooking a big breakfast, putting together a polished outfit, and taking time in the morning to really enjoy your cup of coffee. Other days, you’re lucky if you make it out of your pajamas. We’ve all been there.  

So, what is the cure to avoiding morning chaos? The consistency of a morning routine–but how exactly do you start one? Let’s dive into a few ways you can develop a morning routine that will stick. 

1. Avoid Making Big Decisions in the Morning

Sometimes one of the best ways to have a successful, productive morning is to get a head start on it the night before. Planning important decisions the evening before is an effective way to avoid scrambling at the last minute––draining your brain for the rest of the day. If you can eliminate making big decisions from your mornings, you’ll have more energy and time to be as productive as you can. 

2. Get Moving

Exercise in the morning is a great way to start off a productive day and get your blood flowing. Exercising releases endorphins which energize you and get you ready for the tasks ahead. If the thought of going for a jog in the morning sounds more like torture than a reward, opt for a brisk walk. You don’t have to go all out in the morning. The goal is to get your blood flowing and wake up your body. 

3. Wake Up When Your Body’s Ready

We’ve all heard the saying that “the early bird gets the worm.” And while it’s true that waking up early in the morning has major benefits, you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to have a productive day. If you’re more of a night owl than an early bird, don’t worry! Your mornings can be just as fruitful–-even if they take place a little later. 

4. Create Your Ideal Morning Routine

How you start your day is essential to achieve your highest level of productivity. There’s no one morning routine that works for everyone––we all have our own complex lives to tend to! However, there are some key elements that you can incorporate into your morning routine to make your morning the most effective.  

Here is an example of what your morning routine could look like:

  1. Hydration
  2. Morning coffee
  3. Exercise
  4. Shower
  5. Look at calendar
  6. Write a daily journal entry
  7. Plan the day

In addition, you could swap out exercise for meditation or some light yoga––anything to get the blood flowing! 

You don’t need a lengthy morning routine to have an effective and productive work day. You just need a routine that will help motivate you and help you get in the right mindset to tackle your day. For more health and wellness tips, explore our blog.