Money Games 1 & 2 Virtual Workshop Dec 5


Just can’t win with money? Is your credit out of bounds?
Want to reach your financial goals? Learn about saving,
spending, debt reduction, improving credit, and more,
in this 2-day workshop series. Learn how to:

Money Games 1

  • Read and understand your credit score
  • Develop a spending plan that works for you
  • Build an emergency fund and saving for the future
  • Identify the best financial services for you
  • Curb bad habits and use credit wisely

Money Games 2

  • Identify issues on your credit report, and begin the credit repair process (includes a soft-pull of your credit report with on-the-spot counselor assistance)
  • With all your current bills in-hand, develop a concrete spending plan
  • Save an emergency fund (immediate) and invest money (long-term)

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