Down Payment Assistance Program

Looking to become a homeowner through the Genesee County Land Bank on land contract but don’t have all the funds upfront? Down payment assistance is available.

Through our Purchase Potential Program, Metro Community Development, Inc. is offering up to $500 for down payment assistance to eligible land contract holders.

To qualify for this program, you must attend our Fair Housing Class and participate in a one-on-one counseling session with a HUD-Certified Counselor for purchase readiness!


Attend Our Fair Housing & Pre-Purchase Class

$25 fee for 1 person in household or $30 for 2 or more people in the same household.

Attend a One-on-One Financial Coaching/Counseling Session

$10 per session. Clients are eligible for up to 3 sessions per month.

Place Your Bid on the Genesee County Land Bank Property

Once you've successfully placed a bid on the Genesee County Land Bank property and it has been accepted, a closing date will be scheduled. We will then provide the $500 DPA check at your actual closing with the Genesee County Land Bank.
Contact (810) 660-1717

For more details about how to apply, contact Metro Community Development at (810) 660-1717. Additional resources can be found here on our website.

Success Stories

Vonna Lucas

Vonna Lucas purchased a property through the Genesee County Land Bank and utilized our $500 Down Payment Assistance Program.

Another Successful Closing

Our client attended our Fair Housing and Pre-Purchase Class and Financial Counseling session last week. The Genesee County Land Bank was able to offer the land contract to our client right away!

The Kemps

The Kemp’s successfully completed the Fair Housing and Pre-Purchase Class on July 21st and did their Financial Coaching session the previous week. They successfully closed on August 1st!

Another Successful Closing